Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Manage Claims BNI Rp 100 Billion Owned Supermarket Superindo

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk to become a bank that will serve bill payment from retailers venture partner PT Lion Super Indo. As an initial step, aiming BNI bill payment retailer, famous with Superindo Rp 100 billion.

In a written statement delivered BNI, Sunday (03/31/2013), mentioned the bill payment amount to be revisited by the agreement both parties.

Cash management agreements (cash management) between BNI with this Superindo formalized through the signing of the agreement in Jakarta, midweek.

Both sides are known to make the two agreements is the agreement Supply Chain Financing (SCF), which was signed by the Leader of the Division of Local Corporate & Multinational Company (LMC) 2 BNI Adiyasa Suhadibroto with President Director of PT Lion Super Indo Elliot James Dickson.

The second agreement, is associated facilities SCF invoice submission by LMC Division Leader 2 BNI Adiyasa Suhadibroto by a Senior Vice President of PT Lion Super Indo, Lany Susilowati along with five Super Indo partner representative. Attending these two agreements, Director of Business Banking BNI Krishna R soeparto.

For information, SCF is a service provided BNI to Super Indo in the form of payment of the invoice from the supplier of goods Super Indo. The trick is to takeover invoice approved by the Super Indo to be paid by the BNI.

Through this cooperation, BNI will have access Superindo partners that allows the expansion of a new customer base. The partners such Superindo required to have a checking account at BNI branch offices as invoice payment acceptance account.

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