Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

Start Indomaret square Raise Prices Up 5%

PT Indomarco Prismatama Indomaret retail owners to monitor the condition of the weakening rupiah is now reaching Rp 14,500 per US dollar.

Because, if the rupee continues helpless against the currency of Uncle Sam, this will have an impact on the increase of goods in the modern market.

Wiwiek Yusuf, Director of Marketing Indomarco Prismatama said suppliers Indomaret not raise prices because they still have stocks of goods purchased before penetrating 14,000 rupiah. However, slowly depleted stocks of goods would then require re-stocking goods supplier.

These suppliers to stock goods for a period of three months or six months. Well, if the rupee remained weak for the next six months, which has a component supplier of raw materials imports would buy goods at a high price because they have to bear the foreign exchange. As a result, the selling price at retailers like Indomaret, should rise.

"The average supplier price increase of about 5% of goods to retailers," said Wiwiek to KONTAN, Tuesday (22/9). End, the retailer also will participate hoist the price of goods to consumers in the same ratio.

But Wiwiek added, Indomaret will be cautious in raising prices because it concerns the purchasing power of consumers is likely to decline.

Wiwiek hope, the rupiah against the US dollar does not penetrate to the level of Rp 15,000 per US dollar because it will impact the weakening of business from suppliers, retailers, to consumers. Indomaret as the company anticipates this weakness by way of efficiency, such as saving electricity and water.

"However, we do not cut hours of work or labor," he added.

The reason, modern retailers such as Indomaret have markets lower and middle classes that have larger populations although a small income, so Indomaret open operating hours from morning till night.

"In the first quarter of 2017 was a decline of purchasing power, but entered the second and third quarters, although purchasing power will rise slowly

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