Kamis, 02 Februari 2017

XL Special Cards Provide Internet in Alfamart

In order to facilitate customers to enjoy internet package, XL Axiata provide special cards Internet. With this card, people are more flexible can share in the internet service packages from XL, including 4G internet package.

Octavia Kurniawan, VP Modern Channel XL said many people use of internet services in the wider community who want to enjoy internet packages XL a very attractive especially 4G.

"Therefore, to make it easier to enjoy Internet services XL we have launched Internet cards XL specialized in Modern Retail in 3 easy steps: first, it can choose the number XL desirable dikasir, the second purchase internet packages according to the needs, and thirdly, enable card XL Internet anywhere and anytime, "said Octavia.

As to facilitate people getting internet cards XL, operators are identical to the blue color is working with a number of minimarkets have many outlets to the center of the settlement. XL Internet cards can be obtained at Alfamart and several other modern retail at an affordable price.

XL also plans to expand its sales network, internet card is to be provided also in supermarkets and other modern channels. XL optimistic through this breakthrough it will be able to facilitate the public in obtaining positive benefits of the Internet service offered.

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